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Multi-occupancy box

Receiving mail and large shipments via a multi-occupancy box is becoming increasingly common. With a multi-occupancy box, residents can receive with a maximum dimension of 8 x 25 x 35 cm directly to their home.

Advantages of a multi-occupancy box

  • If the resident is traveling, no mail gathers inside the door, which improves security.
  • By having mail delivered to the multi-occupancy box, security doors with no slots can be installed to protect against fire and intrusions. If you choose not to change your door, the old door can be sealed with metal and insulation.
  • Doors without mail slots reduce noise, odors and draftiness from the staircase.
  • The multi-occupancy box unlike the parcel box is personal and connected to each home, it is also free for other postal operators than PostNord to deliver to it.

Multi-occupancy boxes are standard in all new builds and are located on the entrance level. To place the multi-occupancy box in a location other than the entrance, an exemption from PostNord is required.

More information about the multi-occupancy box

The Forum for Multi-Occupancy Mailboxes is a network consisting of PostNord, Citymail and Fria postoperatörers förbund (Independent Postal Operators’ Association). They are working to facilitate and make the transition to multi-occupancy boxes as convenient as possible.

Find more information about multi-occupancy boxes at the Forum for Multi-Occupancy Mailboxes website.

Do you need a key?

If you are a property-owner or landlord in need of a new key to the multi-occupancy box’s central lock, you can find more information at the Forum for Multi-Occupancy Mailboxes website. Read more about how to order keys for the central lock, or a new cylinder.

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