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Price lists for direct-payment customers

Here we present price lists for you who are a direct-payment customer.

Price changes on 1 December 2023

On December 1, the prices for the majority of our packages and logistics services was changed.
Administrative fees
Reminder fee (no VAT) 60
Incorrect EDI weight fee, letter services (sender) 49
Incorrect postage fee, letter services (sender) 49
Charge per letter (related to incorrect weight and/or postage fees) 13
Incorrect postage fee, letter services (recipient) 25
Description Effective Next Period
Price list EMS International Express, Cash 2024-01-01
Price list Stamped International Mail 2024-01-01
Price list Domestic and International Parcel via Service point 2024-05-02
Price list Domestic and International Parcel (internet customers - Skicka direkt) 2024-05-02
Price list Brev Inrikes 2024-05-02
City- and Locality surcharge, for internet customers (Skicka Direkt) (xls) 2023-04-03

Become a service agreement customer

Being one of our service agreement customers carries a number of benefits.

Additional information
Additional information