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From the depths of the ocean to the capital

The refrigerated truck from PostNord winds its way along twisting roads closest to the archipelago on Bømlo. The salmon has just been picked up from the sea – and now the fish is on its final journey, headed for the capital. Tomorrow it will become part of delicacies such as fresh sushi for consumers in Østlandet (Eastern Norway).

"The roads out here on Bømlo are challenging, but the scenery is amazing," smiles driver Darren Temple. The Englishman picks up fresh fish from Brandasund Fiskeforedling farthest out in the archipelago in Vestlandet (Western Norway) and is transported by refrigerated truck to Bergen, where the vehicle's entire refrigerated container is hoisted onto a freight train headed directly for Oslo.

Thereafter the container is once again lifted onto a truck, which takes it straight to Fiskehallen at Vippetangen. The process is time and temperature critical. After just 13 to 14 hours out of the sea, the fish is processed in Oslo and sent out to the shops or further on for export.

"It is transported in an unbroken cold chain with our state-of-the-art refrigerated trucks," says logistics consultant Jørgen Jakobsen at PostNord.

Shipped in by boat

Live salmon and trout flop around in the large corves in Brandasund. They have been shipped in by boat from the fish farms off Western Norway. The fish are pumped from the corves into the salmon slaughterhouse, where they are slaughtered, cleaned, sorted and placed in boxes with ice. The ice chests filled with fish are loaded directly from the refrigerated room at the factory into the refrigerated truck, and the journey begins.

The insulated refrigerated container is divided into two temperature zones that can be adjusted from 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees below zero, ensuring that the shipped products, whether fish or groceries, maintain top quality.

Salmons in box

New efficient refrigerated terminal

The salmon and trout in today's shipment will be included in delicacies such as sushi in the Østlandet (Eastern Norway) shops. But much of the fish shipped to Oslo from western and northern Norway continues the journey and is exported via the new refrigerated terminal in Berger, which ensures efficient reloading to foreign shippers.

“Refrigerated shipping is a large and important area for PostNord’s initiatives, and recent years we have had impressive growth in this area. We are price-competitive and can offer customers optimal communication and accessibility as a turnkey supplier,” says Communications and Marketing Director Ole A. Hagen at PostNord Norway.

Salmon in boxes
2013 Norway opened a new 2,000 square meter refrigerated terminal with 18 loading doors in Berger.
PostNord Norway currently has 200 refrigerated containers and 50 semi-trailers for refrigerated transports.
PostNord Norway currently ships 100,000 tons of fish and groceries with refrigerated transports.

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