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TA systems help you manage your consignments

With our transport administration system (TA system) you can easily and flexibly administer shipments.

A TA system is a system that you can use to book shipments with a carrier, print shipping documents, and track consignments. A booking is made by logging in and filling in information about your consignment. The information is then sent to the carrier.

Different types of TA systems

It is good to keep in mind that TA systems may differ depending on with which provider you work. Carriers often have their own TA systems, which can only be used for bookings with them. There are also independent TA systems, to which most major carriers are connected. An independent TA system is good if you need to use several different carriers.

Advantages of TA systems

The advantages of using a TA system are that you get

  • a better overview of your consignments and faster service
  • happier customers, as a result of being able to offer more post-purchase options
  • cost savings and reduced risk of manual mistakes.

PostNord’s TA system Skicka Direkt Business

Our TA system is called Skicka Direkt Business and you can use it if you are a service agreement customer. The standard version is free of charge and you access it directly via a web browser.

Become a service agreement customer and get access to Skicka Direkt Business.

Read more about Skicka Direkt Business or log in

Read more about Skicka Direkt Business
Read more about Skicka Direkt Business