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Pack and send items

Pick, pack and send e-commerce items to customers.
"Exceed you customers expectations regarding packaging and shipping."

Pick and pack

When an order has been received, the items must be picked from the warehouse and packed in suitable packaging. Transportation management system suppliers are often those at the interface with end-consumers in that they send notifications. For this reason you should secure your functionality throughout the order management process and ensure that your TM system is customized to your particular business.

  • As an e-retailer you will spend a great deal of time packing and sending items – so it is important to have convenient solutions for the entire workflow (from order and packing information to thorough inventory management and efficient packing procedures).
  • Come up with a sustainable strategy for packaging materials (standard boxes, personal messages, etc.) – today, the actual packaging is often an underused communications channel.
  • Ensure that the stock balance is in agreement with the information sent to the customer and that you have a uniform strategy for handling cases where the information is incorrect (e.g. the item is out of stock). Make forecasts for sales and volume and engage the warehouse/staff that can deal with peaks and troughs.


As a new e-retailer the various services, freight terms and processes linked to goods distribution are not always easy to understand.

Ensure that the service you opt for delivers the quality that your customers demand and offers the level of service that they prefer. Identify your own particular need for freight solutions, depending on the type of product, where your customers are located and their preferences.

  • A good freight solution meets the needs of the recipient, i.e. your customer, regardless of whether they need to quickly and easily collect their item from a partner outlet or have it delivered to work or their home.
  • A high degree of delivery precision and quality are two key factors if, for example, you wish to provide continuously updated information on the parcel's current location and when it arrives

Inform the customer (via notification)

SMS or e-mail notification is the fastest way to inform recipients when a shipment is on the way or available for collection, or to inform senders that it has been received by the recipient. Fast and convenient for you and your customer. There are various options for our different solutions.

Our solutions within e-commerce logistics

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E-Commerce logistics
E-Commerce logistics