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E-commerce during and after purchase

Your customers want the delivery to fit in with their everyday lives. It is essential to enable customers to choose a suitable form of delivery every time they make a purchase; for example, let them choose between delivery at work, at home, to a parcel machine, to a service point or for in-store collection.

In-store collection

We help you simplify things for your customers by supplying solutions that offer more options when making purchases and arranging deliveries.

If you operate both an e-commerce solution and a physical store, our Collect in Store solution is perfect for you. Give your customers the option of collecting their purchases directly from your store; this will inevitably increase the traffic to your physical store.

Find out more about Collect in Store.

Additional delivery options

The demand for flexible home delivery is on the rise in the Nordic countries. The MyPack Home option allows your customers to choose the time and place in the PostNord App or via the internet – and they do not even need to be home to have their parcel delivered.

Find out more about MyPack Home.

PostNord App

The PostNord App is a convenient app that customers can use as a “remote control” for their parcel delivery. The PostNord app enables customers:

  • to track parcels
  • to receive digital notifications
  • to collect parcels without ID when they use their mobile BankID
  • to sign a receipt for the parcel using their mobile BankID, forward the notification and have someone else collect the parcel
  • to transfer parcels between service points.

In addition, customers can see the size of the parcel, check when it will arrive, track returns and search for partner outlets and opening hours.

Securer and more flexible delivery with digital identification

Digital identification is a more secure option than using physical identification documents. It gives recipients more options and greater flexibility regarding the collection of their parcels, and it also makes it easier to collect parcels for other people.

Sending goods – our solutions

Make sure that the service you choose aligns with the service level your customers expect. Identify your individual requirements regarding shipping solutions, establish where your customers are and define their preferences. Examples of preferences include time and place of delivery, and with or without signage.

We have distribution solutions that suit your needs exactly, irrespective of whether you are shipping in Sweden or internationally.
Find out more about our import and export solutions.

Communication and control

Use PostNord Portal Business to follow up on deliveries, issue notifications to your customers, generate reports and more.
We also provide the Track & Trace Premium service, where you can set up an automated flow of notifications for your customers, featuring your own logo.

Find out more about PostNord Portal Business or, if you already have an account, log in directly.

E-commerce prior to purchase

We have gathered a number of steps here that are important when starting a company with a focus on e-commerce and online sales.

E-commerce prior to purchase

E-commerce after delivery

Create a shopping experience that holds all the way through to beyond the purchase with a good returns policy and your e-commerce will be better.

E-commerce after delivery

Six recommendations for better e-commerce

Providing a positive and convenient purchasing experience that meets all the customer’s needs – from purchase to delivery – is crucial for today’s e-commerce customers. We have drawn up six recommendations for improving your customers’ purchasing experience.

Read our guide, Six steps for better e-commerce
Read our guide, Six steps for better e-commerce