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Digital Agent

Through this partnership, your online commerce platform for individuals (C2C) can offer integrated shipping orders immediately after purchase. Become a Digital Agent - fill out the form below and we will get in touch.

As a Digital Agent, you can offer delivery immediately after purchase in you online C2C marketplace

As a Digital Agent partner, your online marketplace can offer shipping immediately after purchase. We welcome new partnerships, and will help you get the implementation up and running. Want to become a Digital Agent?

Who can become a Digital Agent?

Digital Agent is a partnership for online C2C marketplaces – platforms where private individuals buy and sell items. It does not address online stores that sell their own products, but rather sites such as second-hand markets.

When a buyer completes a purchase, our seamless integration allows the seller to order shipping for the item from PostNord as part of your existing processes. The seller gets a quick and easy shipping experience without having to leave your platform, but all the shipping details and fulfillment is handled between the seller and PostNord – leaving you free to focus on your core business.

What does it mean to be a Digital Agent?

As a Digital Agent partner, you can improve the end-to-end experience on your marketplace by offering shipping immediately after a completed purchase. When a user buys an item, the seller can order shipping through a seamless integration with our services. Addresses for the sender and recipient are pre-filled using information that’s already in your system. After ordering shipping, the seller is sent back to your platform. The seller can then print the label and drop the package off at a service point. If the seller does not have a printer, service point staff will happily help them print their label at drop off.

The seller gets the benefit of a seamless shipping experience that saves time, without having to leave your platform. But shipping is purchased directly from PostNord. This means that we maintain the full responsibility for the shipping agreement and its fulfillment, leaving the you free to focus on the marketplace experience itself. The buyer can track their shipment in the PostNord app and (if you so choose), through their pages on your platform as well. No need to worry about delivery details; you handle the marketplace, and we’ll take care of the shipping.

Our team and the Digital Agent work together to build and implement the integration between the platform and our service Send Direct, ensuring that the integration is secure and well-tested before launch. We will also provide all information needed at startup. After that, most of the work is done – PostNord will handle the transaction for shipping and make sure prices are up to date.

Want to become a Digital Agent?

We’re always looking for new partners to collaborate with! If you’re interested, go to PostNord Portal to become a Digital Agent.