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E-commerce Analysis

Analyze your target audience to reach more profitable e-commerce.

Improve your e-commerce with the help of our E-commerce Analysis.

Would you like to improve your e-commerce? Our analysis tool makes it possible for you as a company to gain greater knowledge of your customers.

We are the largest parcel deliviery company in Sweden and deliver packages to all of Sweden’s postcode areas. We know which industries the senders are in and which parts of Sweden the goods have been delivered to. We combine this knowledge with previously established facts about lifestyle groups from Conzoom and population facts from Statistics Sweden.

The analysis is made in PostNord's analytics tool, and shows where you can find the most interesting target audiences. You simply need to provide us with the postcodes of your existing customers. There are two levels of e-commerce analysis:

Direct mailing (DM) – an effective way to drive traffic to your website

Would you like to know which target audiences your company should contact in order to gain new customers, or how you can get your target audience to visit your company’s website? Several studies show that direct mailing is an effective way to do this. Based on the analysis, proposals are presented for how you should proceed. We have a broad range of DM solutions and can provide support in all areas, from planning to campaign follow-up.


You can obtain an analysis and a report based on the analysis from SEK 20,000 (excl. VAT).

Basic – rapid analysis

We base the analysis on the postcodes of your existing customers. Based on these you will get information on the lifestyle groups your customers belong to. This provides you with a good basis for decisions on which of your existing and potential customers you should work up and how you should communicate with them.

In-depth analysis (Premium) – large amounts of data

In-depth analysis involves analyzing lifestyles and facts from Statistics Sweden in greater depth, giving greater precision when selecting potential target audiences. You can opt to analyze your entire customer base or part of it.

Would you like to know more?

Would you like to know more about advertising and target group analysis? Contact us for more information regarding our offerings.

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