Changes for Pacsoft Online users

Pacsoft Online will be phased out gradually over the next two years for the Swedish market. As a user, you will need to choose another transport administration system, such as the free of charge Skicka Direkt Business from PostNord or nShift Delivery.

The functions within Pacsoft Online are phased out gradually, and when you are affected depends on how you use the Pacsoft Online service today. New solutions will be presented well in advance so that you have the opportunity to make a choice on what suits you best.

During 2021, you as a Pacsoft Online user without order integration will be notified when your account is affected, the options you can switch to and what help you can get.

If you use order integration via Unifaun Online linked to your Pacsoft account, you will receive more information about your options during the fall of 2021.

PostNord Sverige AB and nShift Delivery have developed and updated Pacsoft Online for many years. It has been a free of charge transport administration system for companies that want to buy frieght and create freight labels with PostNord. Pacsoft Online is now being phased out and will be replaced by several different solutions.

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