Security scanning

With security scanning, we check all of your letters, parcels and goods so that you do not have to expose your staff to unnecessary risks.

Security scanning of letters, parcels and goods for companies and government agencies


Increased security for employees who do not have to open risky mail


You save time and money when your staff can focus on your company’s core business


The scope of the security scanning is tailored to your specific needs

Improve security at your company or government agency

Together with security company CIP Checkport, we offer security scanning of mail, parcels and goods. This is a good alternative if you have high demands for security and want to eliminate the risks of suspicious or unknown contents. Once the goods have been delivered to CIP Checkport for the security check, they are sorted and processed before being distributed to customers in dedicated secure transports.

With our security checks, you can easily

  • improve security for employees who receive and open mail, and reduce the risk throughout the organization
  • of financial losses by avoiding disruptions caused by suspicious or unknown contents.

You can also combine the service with other services within our Mail Services, such as franking, sorting and internal mail rounds at the customer.

Total responsibility

Our Security Scanning service involves total responsible for your goods, from collection to delivery. Security Scanning detects hazardous substances using advanced detection equipment. This process is carried out in partnership with the security company CIP Checkport, where your goods are sorted and checked before being distributed to you in secure transports.

Adaptable security scanning

You can choose how comprehensive you want your security checks to be. We carry out Security Scanning based on your needs and the relevant level of threat.

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