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Mail handling – internal mail service

Tailored solution for everything to do with mail handling, covering periodicals, invoices, unfranked business reply services, unaddressed consignments, parcels, high value shipments and registered mail.
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Internal Postal Service leaves you more time to devote to your core business

Different businesses have different mail handling needs. We therefore provide unique solutions for each customer. Let us take care of all or some of your company’s mail handling tasks.


We tailor the solution to your needs. From a couple of hours to the whole day.


We tailor the solution to your needs. From a couple of hours to the whole day.


Better for the environment when a single operator handles all transport tasks.

We adapt the internal postal service to match the unique needs of each company. This means that we provide help with precisely what you need – on your terms.

Examples of what can be included in our mail handling service:

  • Handling and sorting of incoming and internal letters, electronic mail and parcels.
  • Handling of incoming invoices and forwarding for scanning.
  • Distribution of letters and internal mail, as well as goods distribution.
  • Handling and collection of outgoing mail.
  • Franking of outgoing mail and parcels.
  • Coordinated reception of parcels and goods.
  • Combined processing and handling of parcels and goods.
  • Internal transport.
  • Inventory management.

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