Start an e-commerce business

Here, we have collected several important steps for launching a company with a focus on e-commerce and online sales.

Start a company

Before you start a company, you must take several formal steps. On the page Verksamt, the Swedish Tax Agency, Swedish Companies Registration Office and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth have gathered relevant information on how to formally start a company.

Choose an e-commerce platform

There are currently several different e-commerce platforms from which to choose – everything from free options to professional systems. In general, there are three categories of platform solutions:

  1. Standardized platforms (complete solutions with different functionality)
  2. Open source (system with an open source code, which has lower costs but requires technical expertise)
  3. Build your own, for example with external help (a consultant or web agency)

Consider which features you want your e-commerce site to have and that they reflect your objectives for your business. The platform should support these features, as well as important features in general, such as mobile optimization (responsiveness).

Choose a TA supplier

Put simply, a transport administration (TA) system is a computer system that is used to book transports with a carrier, print shipping documents and track shipments. There are several TA suppliers on the market today, including PostNord's TA system, Pacsoft Online.

Choose a shipping supplier

Each company has different delivery method needs. Questions to ask yourself include whether you send often and whether your goods are bulky or highly valuable.

If you want to get started quickly and easily and send off a few individual shipments per day, PostNord offers several different ways to ship them.

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