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E-commerce reports

Here you can find out about our various reports and surveys linked to e-commerce, and be inspired by a number of customer stories.

We continuously collect information and statistics using surveys and interviews with both consumers and companies. The results are compiled in various reports and customer stories, which are now popular sources of information and statistics relating to retailing in the Nordic countries.

E-barometern quarterly report

We follow the development of Swedish retail in e-commerce in collaboration with Svensk Digital Handel and HUI Research. The E-barometern is published once per quarter and reports on the e-commerce turnover and growth based on surveys conducted among consumers and e-commerce companies. Read the latest E-barometern.

E-commerce in the Nordics

This report is based on interviews with a national representative selection of individuals in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

More about E-commerce in the Nordics (In Swedish).

E-commerce in Europe

Retail trade between countries, both within and outside Europe, is growing very strongly. This trend provides major opportunities for e-commerce companies that want to establish themselves in Europe.

About E-Commerce in Europe (In Swedish).

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