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E-commerce after delivery – improve the e-commerce experience

In order to create a shopping experience that is solid from start to finish, it is important to make it easy for customers to return goods. So make sure you have a clear returns policy.

A clear policy helps prevent misunderstandings. Clarity generates confidence and ensures customers know what to expect if they have to return an item.

Read about how our Return Drop Off service makes it easier for your customers to return items.

For returns of heavy consignments – or in cases where recipients want PostNord to pick up returns from their home or company address – we provide the Return Pickup service.

Make it simple to return items

Enable customers to print their own return shipping label via PostNord service points, or have the PostNord driver bring the relevant shipping documents in connection with pick-up by choosing PostNord’s additional service, Print Digital Return.

Clearly explain how the customer is to package the item.

Guides, step-by-step instructions and short video clips are other good ways to answer questions customers are likely to ask. If it is easy to return items, it is more probable that customers will come back.

Returning items – our solutions

  • Return Drop Off: The customer drops the return off at a service point.
  • Return Pickup: The customer books collection and the parcel is picked up.
  • Additional service, Print Digital Return: provide your customer with a QR code rather than a physical shipping document. The shipping documents are printed out at a service point when your customer presents the QR code and drops off the parcel. Available in Sweden.

Accepting returns

With our PostNord Portal Business solution, we make things simple for you by providing a clear overview of incoming returns so you can plan proactively for how to handle them.


Do you want to know more about our e-commerce solutions and receive help getting started with e-commerce?

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E-commerce prior to purchase

We have gathered a number of steps here that are important when starting a company with a focus on e-commerce and online sales.

E-commerce priro to purchase

E-commerce during and after the purchase

Through our service you can Improve your e-commerce! Let the customer influence the time and place of delivery and provide the opportunity for tracking!

E-commerce during and after the purchase