Do it yourself digitally

We offer several business tools to make your work life easier. You can create direct mailings, send invoices or other letters, and buy postage for your mail. Accessible on the web, whenever you need.
Tjej som sitter vid ett bord med en förpackning med porto.

Shop our products online

Stamps, packaging and freight charges – information about which of PostNord’s products and services you can buy directly on the web is available here.

Skicka Direkt

You can easily pay freight costs online using Skicka Direkt. You print out the shipping documents yourself and hand in your parcels at any service point.

Create Mail-outs

Create and send physical newsletters, invitations, and other mailings directly from your computer to the recipient's mailbox using the Create Mailings service.


Receive emails with the latest stories, smart tips and great offers.

Brev Skicka Lätt

Brev Skicka Lätt is an attractively priced domestic service for sending something small that you want to be able to track all the way.