Area Analysis

Area Analysis provides information about the type of people who live in a particular area.

Gain insight into the type of people living in a particular area

Do you know who lives in the area around your store, or recently-established business? If you do not have a customer directory on which to base your analysis, you can make use of the Area Analysis service to do this.

Gain an insight into who lives in a particular area, so you can better design your message and generate interest.

Gain an understanding of whether a particular area should not be targeted, because people within your target audience do not live there.

Save money by avoiding targeting the wrong audience using the wrong message.

Insights into which people live in an area ensure a better impact for your campaigns and thus a higher ROI.

By identifying the demographics of the people living in a particular area, you can better customize your message to the target audience. It also provides insight into whether a particular area should not be targeted, because people within your target audience do not live there.

The analysis provides insight into the type of personas living in a particular area. For example, these can be pensioners, families with children, young couples, wealthy 40+, etc. By segmenting potential customers who live in your chosen area, you get a better idea of what kind of messages should be used to attract them and generate interest.

How the analysis is carried out:

The selected area is compared in a comparison base to clarify exactly what characterizes the area. The analysis is performed by PostNord analysts using our DM analysis tool. You get a presentation of the analysis in the form of a report in PowerPoint.

Example of content in the report

  • Who lives in the area close to your store?
  • What types of lifestyle do the residents there have?
  • Which groups may be interested in your product/service?
  • Which age groups live in the area?
  • What family structure do those who live in the area have?
  • What levels of income do they have?
  • What is their current life phase (are they married, do they have children)?
  • What consumption pattern do they have?
  • Which activities and interests do they pursue?
  • Do they want to receive advertising or not?
  • Do they have a car, boat or holiday home?
  • What views/values do they have?
  • What media and internet habits do they have?


You can obtain an analysis and a report based on the analysis from SEK 20,000 (excl. VAT).

Would you like to order an analysis?

If you are a service agreement customer, you can order an analysis via your sales representative. Other customers can contact us via the form or call customer service on 0771-333310.

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