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Our solutions/Advertising and analysis

Optimize your campaigns with PostNord’s analysis tool

Improve your campaign results by analyzing your target audience, and how you can improve the strategy prior to your next campaign.

Do you know how your campaigns are perceived by your customers? Do you know, for example, why some people are interested in what you sell, while others are not? We can help you measure the impact of your campaigns, to give you insight into how well your campaign worked.

To achieve the maximum impact with a campaign, it is important to carry out an analysis before and after it. Measuring the impact after mailings is also important, for assessing how well your campaigns have been received.

Before the campaign – selection

Before the campaign, you need to find out more about the target audience in order to be able to fine-tune the message and activities correctly. If you have a customer directory, we can help you analyze and group the customers based on where they live, in which customer segments the most important customers are located, how much they spend when shopping, and similar parameters.

After the campaign

After the campaign, it is important to find out how well the campaign worked, by following up which customer segments responded best and how the strategy can be improved for the next campaign.

After the campaign, it is important to find out how well the campaign worked, which customer segments responded best, and how the strategy can be improved prior to the next such activity.

The most common tools and services relating to analysis

Area Analysis

Gain insight into the type of people living in a particular area.

Customer Analysis

If you want to get a better insight into your customer base.

Transaction Analysis

Transaction Analysis gives you better insight into your customers' consumption habits, where your most important customers are and where they live.

Impact Survey

Provides you with insight into what worked well in your campaign and what you could do even better next time.

Response Analysis

If you want to analyze which customers responded to your mailing.

E-commerce Analysis

Would you like to improve your e-commerce? Our analysis tool makes it possible for you as a company to gain greater knowledge of your customers.

Free periodicals

With us, your free periodicals can be sent to anyone in the whole of Sweden. Hand in by 4 pm on the day before delivery at the latest – we will take care of the rest.


Do you know which your intended target group is but are having difficulties reaching it? We can help you find the right addresses for the people you want to reach.

Calculate what your advertising campaign costs

With the campaign tool, you can calculate what your campaign will cost.
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