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Our solutions/Advertising and analysis

Find the right target audience using analysis, results and follow-up

With our direct marketing (DM) analysis tool, you can obtain increased knowledge about your target audience and its behavior. Together with a relevant message, this increases your chances of achieving even better campaign results.

We can help you with a wide range of services, including conducting an analysis of your target audience, making a selection, updating your address register and carrying out an impact survey of your campaign.

How we can help you


Customer analysis and selection

With a customer analysis, we help you find new customers or provide you with more knowledge about your existing customers. We analyze and group your customers on the basis of where they live and how much they spend. With the resulting increased knowledge about your target audience, we create the right conditions to ensure your message reaches the recipient and has the desired effect.

Results and follow-up

After completing a mailing campaign, it is good to measure the effect it has had. With our impact survey, you obtain an in-depth picture of how many people have seen the campaign and how many have made use of your offer. Based on the results of the impact survey, you can refine your message content and design, so that the next campaign is even better.

Addresses and Directories

In order to optimize the effect of your mailings, it is important to reach the right target audience and have the correct address details. Let us help you find your customers. We have addresses from many different directories and receive information about all the address changes that are made each year.