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Effective advertising and analysis solutions

We offer a range of services related to direct marketing. The basis for these is effective solutions that help you reach the right customers with the right offer at the right time. We can help you and your business with everything from target group analysis to campaign evaluation.

A thorough analysis of the market in terms of competitors, products and trends is extremely important in order to be successful. It is also important to keep track of your target audience, as well as potential customers and which of your existing customers are particularly valuable.

What we offer regarding Advertising and target group analysis

Find the right target group

PostNord helps you by providing target group analyses and selections, making suggestions for an optimal DM mix, and conducting an impact measurement of your campaign.

Measure the effect of your mailing

It is important to carry out analyses both before and after a campaign. Get to know the target group and align messages and activities based on analyses and measurements.

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PostNord Analysis Service

With our analysis tools, we help you analyze your customer data and thereby increase the effect of your mailing.


Do you know which your intended target group is but are having difficulties reaching it? We can help you find the right addresses for the people you want to reach.

Customer Analysis

If you want to get a better insight into your customer base.

Addressed Direct Mail (ADM)

Generate involvement with your communication and strengthen customer relationships.

Unaddressed Direct Mail

When you want to spread your message to many people.

Create Mail-outs

Create and send physical newsletters, invitations, and other mailings directly from your computer to the recipient's mailbox using the Create Mailings service.