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The coronavirus

What is PostNord doing with regard to covid-19?

PostNord is taking the ongoing concern about the coronavirus very seriously and is doing everything possible to protect our customers and employees from the outbreak. We continually monitor the latest developments regarding the spread of the virus and follow the recommendations issued by government authorities, which are frequently updated.

We have also implemented measures and updated our internal guidelines to minimize the spread of the infection to the greatest extent possible. These include:

  • Business travel is being kept to an absolute minimum and digital meetings should be used as often as possible.
  • Business trips involving flights should only be taken if the meeting is critical to the business.
  • It is not permitted to take business trips to risk areas.
  • Employees who return from a trip to a risk area should not go to their place of work for 14 days after returning.

In addition, all employees have been informed about how best to prevent the spread of infection and the importance of good hand hygiene. Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer should also be made available at places of work. Managers have a responsibility to be in touch with employees who have traveled to risk areas, and to ensure that sick employees do not enter or stay in the place of work.

In cases in which our customers have imposed restrictions that affect our ability to deliver letters and/or parcels, we should respect these.

Our service points are an important part of the delivery chain and we maintain a dialogue with our partners. At the moment we see no effect from the corona virus in this respect, but we contiue to monitor the situation.

As a large company, PostNord has long had procedures, guidelines, plans and designated groups for handling a possible crisis situation, regardless of the reason for the crisis.

Everyone who lives and works in a society must help prevent the spread of infection in that society. PostNord has the task of handling mail to and from all of Sweden’s households and businesses, and will strive to ensure we can still carry out that task even in a situation in which society is affected by a crisis.