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The coronavirus

What is PostNord doing with regard to covid-19?

PostNord is a key element in national infrastructures. And, as is the case with the rest of society, PostNord is also exposed to the spread of the corona virus, and is impacted by the resulting restrictions.

For us, this in particular means that many more employees than usual are absent due to illness or are off work caring for children who are ill. The employees who are at work are doing their utmost to ensure that this high absenteeism is noticed as little as possible in terms of the delivery of letters and parcels. PostNord as an employer is also reviewing the options for hiring more additional temporary staff than usual.

We continually monitor the latest developments regarding the spread of the virus and follow the recommendations issued by government authorities in order to do everything possible to protect our customers and employees from the outbreak.

In concrete terms, this includes our drivers no longer obtaining receipt confirmations on their PDAs, meetings being held digitally to the greatest extent possible, and our ability to deliver parcels and letters being affected by restrictions imposed in Sweden and abroad. More information is available here.

Staff who can work from home are encouraged to do so, but for most employees this is, quite understandably, not possible. In such cases, it is important to follow the general recommendations that have been issued about, for example, social distancing. Our Business Service Centers provide instructions about how to maintain the right distance when queueing.

In cases in which our customers have imposed restrictions that affect our ability to deliver letters and/or parcels, we should respect these, and try to find solutions in cooperation with the customers.

Our service points are an important part of the delivery chain and we maintain a dialogue with our partners. In some places, merchants have been forced to change their opening hours because of the staff situation, but at present we have experienced no major impact in this regard as a result of the virus outbreak.

As a large company, PostNord has long had procedures, guidelines, plans and designated groups for handling a possible crisis situation, regardless of the reason for the crisis.

Everyone who lives and works in a society must help prevent the spread of infection in that society. PostNord has the task of handling mail to and from all of Sweden’s households and businesses, and will strive to ensure we can still carry out that task even in a situation in which society is affected by a crisis.