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Temporary ban on the export of protective equipment to third countries

Due to the prevailing covid-19 pandemic, the need for protective equipment has put a high pressure on the European Union market. As a result, the EU Commission has decided to temporarily ban exports to third countries of protective equipment intended to combat the virus.

Read more about the decision and the types of goods the covered by the decision

In order for goods that are not intended for protective purposes to be still sent to third-country recipients, the following should be taken into account:

  • All types of protective equipment intended to fight/counteract the virus are subject to export bans and may not be sent without a special export authorization.
  • CN codes of the kind described as "other garments" run the risk of being stopped and thus returned. We therefore urge you to carefully specify the commodity code to make sure it is correct according to the Customs Tariff. Commodity codes for clothing and gloves that are not specified in their commodity code are particularly subject to these restrictions.
  • In exceptional cases, export authorizations can be granted under special circumstances to ensure assistance in vulnerable countries based on the needs of EU Member States. Contact the Customs Administration to apply for an export permit.