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A safe and secure working environment

We work ceaselessly to ensure a safe and secure working environment at our terminals and in connection with the transport and delivery of letters and parcels. This is an area we prioritize highly. We are already good but we want to become even better – and we know we can.

Zero vision for injuries at work

It is only natural that everyone should feel safe and secure at work. We have a zero vision for injuries and we work systematically to promote OHAS. 

Some of the biggest OHAS risks in our business have to do with heavy, manual lifts, traffic safety and accidents during loading and unloading. That is why we are working to improve ergonomics, to integrate carrying aids, and to use machines to facilitate certain tasks. 

Clear instructions and policies

Our employees handle a huge volume of parcels. This work can involve heavy lifts, both at the terminal and during delivery. Our aim is to make the working day as safe and secure as possible. 

For this reason, we base our activities on clear instructions and policies. This includes, for example, a solid introduction, variation in work through scheduling, and a dialog with our customers about how their packages affect our working environment.

Smart aids

We are doing a lot of work to improve ergonomics in our business, and this involves testing various smart aids designed to facilitate our work. Primarily in all our terminals, with a view to simplifying parcel handling.

Simpler parcel handling

Since 2019 we have tested 15 smart aids designed to improve the working environment in the parcel handling process. Smart machines and innovative equipment including stair climbers, vacuum lifts, carrying straps and audio alerts help employees to lift and carry heavy parcels correctly.

Thorough follow-up

If an accident should nevertheless occur, we report the incident in order to find solutions that minimize the risk of the same thing happening again. Through the major national improvement projects we are currently running, we are well on our way to becoming sector leaders in systematic OHAS work.

And, of course, we make sure that our vehicles are safe, secure and reliable, and we provide training for our staff and managers in areas including safety, lifting technique and vehicle handling.

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