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Decent conditions for everyone

All our employees are covered by a collective bargaining agreement. This means that we guarantee them good working conditions and set salaries. We also make sure that any companies we contract in offer their staff similar conditions. Only natural for a sustainable workplace, in our opinion.

Sustainable workplace

Over 99 percent of our 18,000 employees are covered by a collective bargaining agreement. This guarantees that our employees can be sure of a set monthly salary for full-time employment, working hours that comply with statutory driving and resting times, paid holidays, pension and insurance at work. We also ensure that contracted personnel are covered by collective agreements. 

Benefits, entertainment and health

We offer our employees favorable parental leave, occupational health services and wellness benefits. We work actively to maintain a staff of healthy, committed employees; we want it to be fun and rewarding to work for us. 

We organize a variety of staff activities every year with a view to enhancing health and entertainment. The activities include everything from fun runs and skiing, to giving employees the chance to attend football matches and theatrical performances. 

The PostNord Plus Personnel Foundation organized 272 different staff activities in 2022. A total of 8,766 employees participated in one or more of these activities.

Responsible purchasing and suppliers

We also think in terms of sustainability when it comes to buying goods and services from suppliers. 

That is why we require our suppliers to fulfil a range of criteria; for example, they are obliged to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, provide decent working conditions and show consideration for the environment. 

We follow up continuously, performing risk assessments and evaluations so that we can always be sure of making sustainable purchases.

Fair conditions for transport suppliers

One of the biggest posts on our purchase accounts is road transport. We want to make sure that the drivers who drive for us enjoy fair terms and decent working conditions. That is why we require our suppliers to offer their drivers collective agreement-compliant terms and conditions.

In order to be sure that suppliers are living up to our expectations, we follow up via self-assessments and on-site audits. By making demands on our suppliers, we can help ensure that more drivers in the sector enjoy decent terms and conditions.

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