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2009-11-17 12:00

New Christmas stamps from Sweden Post with gifts, a wax seal and three snow-white animals

Sweden Post will issue this year's Christmas stamps on November 19. The motifs on the stamps for domestic Christmas cards are gifts and a wax seal. The stamps for international Christmas greetings depict an ermine, a ptarmigan and a mountain hare - three snow-white animals.

Gifts are the theme of this year's stamps for domestic  Christmas greetings. Siri Ahmed Backström created four striking motifs of gifts in a variety shapes and wrapped in different colored paper and ribbons. This adds an extra touch of joy to gifts and other packages.
"I wanted to do something that evoked happiness and used my childhood excitement for Christmas gifts. Packages can also symbolize expectations," says Siri Ahmed Backström, who sends Christmas cards, preferably cards made at home in her studio, every year.
Stefan Hörberg's stamp in coil format with a wax seal complements the booklet with the gift motif. The wax seal is a classic way to close packages and letters and the motif will certainly awaken a feeling of nostalgia.
The ermine (Mustela erminea), mountain hare (Lepus timidus) and ptarmigan (Lagopus muta), all in snow-white attire, are the motif on the stamps for international Christmas greetings. Their change of color is caused in part by dips in temperature as winter approaches, but also by decreasing daylight. When the ptarmigan loses a brown feather it is replaced by a white one.
The ptarmigan on the stamp was caught on film one day in the middle of April 2008 by Stefan Hage while up in the high mountains of the Dalarna province.
"I had gone up to the top of the mountain and heard several ptarmigans singing a short distance away. I got close enough to one of the males to take a series of shots over a period of an hour. Being able to share in this drama and the tranquility of the mountains is an indescribable feeling," he says.
Digital images can be downloaded at: (Christmas Gifts) (Wax Seal) (Snow-white Animals)
For more information, please contact:
Thorsten Sandberg, Sweden Post Stamps. Phone +46 (0)8-7815087.
Facts about the stamps issued November 19
Christmas Gifts
The stamps were designed by Siri Ahmed Backström. Printed in offset, these self-adhesive stamps come in a booklet of 10 (4 motifs). The denomination is Domestic Christmas (SEK 5.50).
Wax Seal
The stamp was designed by Stefan Hörberg. It was printed in offset and is available in coil format. The denomination is Domestic Christmas (SEK 5.50).
Snow-White Animals
The stamps were designed and engraved by Piotr Naszarkowski. The ptarmigan was photographed by Stefan Hage and the background is a photograph by Piotr Naszarkowski. The mountain hare was drawn by Staffan Ullström. The ermine was also drawn by Staffan Ullström and the background is a photograph by Piotr Naszarkowski. Printed in recess, these stamps come in a booklet of 6 (3 motifs). The denomination is International, SEK 12.
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