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2024-05-03 12:38

PostNord Sweden tests new box combining both parcels and letters

PostNord Sweden has deployed its first "hybrid box" where individuals can post their letters, pick up packages, and send return packages. The initiative is a response to declining mail volumes and the growing need for cost-effective and innovative parcel solutions.

Since parcel lockers are filled every day, the mailbox part of the box can be emptied simultaneously, that is, on a daily basis.

The Hybrid Box is designed to handle postal items up to 3 cm thick C4 envelopes and is positioned at an accessible height of 120 cm, with the possibility of adjustment to further increase accessibility.

The Hybrid Box is designed to:

  • deliver parcels and handle returns.
  • function as a "priority mailbox" with daily emptying (Monday to Friday), ensuring improved service and accessibility.
  • be emptied once a day in connection with parcel delivery using our Svanen-certified e-commerce transport.

The deployed Hybrid Box is a test under evaluation. If successful, PostNord assesses that it could replace thousands of traditional mailboxes, improving accessibility and service levels in a cost-effective manner across Sweden.


Last Updated: 2024-05-03 12:38