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2010-05-10 12:00

Sweden's Crown Princess Couple Celebrated in Postage Stamps

Posten today presented postage stamps of Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and Mr Daniel Westling to celebrate their wedding this summer. The new issue consists of three postage stamps available to purchase at Posten outlets from 13th May.

The stamps were unveiled on Monday at Posten Norden's headquarters in Solna, just outside Stockholm, by Andreas Falkenmark of Posten.

"It is with great pleasure that I present these stamps of the Crown Princess Couple, which we are issuing on Thursday. A Crown Princess' wedding is both a contemporary and historical event that is a reflection of our time. These stamps are a commemoration to be both used and to keep," said Andreas Falkenmark, Head of the Posten Meddelande business area.

This is the fifth occasion on which the Crown Princess has featured on a postage stamp. Crown Princess Victoria and Mr Daniel Westling have followed the development of the stamps and visited Posten's stamp printing press in Kista, North of Stockholm to watch the printing process and give their approval of the final stamps. There are three different postage stamps, each with a denomination of 6 kronor. The three motifs are:


  • Crown Princess Victoria and Mr Daniel Westling at the announcement of their engagement on 24th February, 2009 in Princess Sibylla's apartments at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.
  • Crown Princess Victoria with the Cut-Steel Tiara made of steel crystals and brass, a French piece from the Napoleonic period.
  • The Crown Princess Couple's monogram - with the initials V and D face to face - topped with the Crown of Sweden's Heir Apparent.

The margin around the stamps features a reproduction of the wallpaper motif from Princess Sibylla's apartments at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, and bears the Swedish text "The Crown Princess Couple, 19th June 2010."

 The stamps have been designed by Kristian Möller, who trained at University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm and Falmouth College of Arts, Art & Design. This is his debut as a stamp designer and his work also included the Philately typeface, which is used in the new issue.

The engraver for the issue is Lars Sjööblom, one of the world's leading engravers who has worked on over 400 stamps since his first such work in 1982. For this issue Lars partly used pointillism engraving, giving the faces a softer effect.

The photographs of the Crown Princess Couple and Crown Princess Victoria were taken by Henrik Montgomery, and the Crown Princess Couple's joint monogram was created by heraldic designer Vladimir Sagerlund.

 The stamps are available to purchase from 13th May from Posten outlets throughout Sweden, or via the dedicated website

Previous stamp issues featuring the Crown Princess were presented at the press viewing and can also be seen at the exhibition Crown Princess Victoria & the Bernadottes on Postage Stamps at the Post Museum in Stockholm, which opens on 13th May. The exhibition also includes stamps featuring Bernadotte regents from Karl XIV Johan to Carl XVI Gustaf. Find out more at

 If you have any questions, please contact:

 Posten Norden Media Relations, Telephone +46 8-23 10 10. e-mail:

 Posten Norden was formed through a merger between Post Denmark A/S and Posten AB. The group offers communications and logistics solutions to, from and within the Nordic region. It has sales of approximately SEK 45 billion and employs over 50,000 people. The group consists of the Breve Danmark, Meddelande Sverige, Logistik and Informationslogistik business areas. The parent company is a Swedish public company with headquarters in Solna, Sweden. Find out more about Posten Norden at

 Images: The Crown Princess Couple in postage stamps

 Click on the link for digital images of the Crown Princess Couple stamps, photographs from the Crown Princess Couple's visit to Posten's printing press and photos of the stamps' production:

 Background facts

 Other information about the new stamp issue
The postage stamps were printed using a combination of steel-plate and offset printing with the addition of silver metallic colouring. The pack is a sheet of three stamps in 27.5 x 35.91 mm format (two stamps, Crown Princess Victoria and The Monogram) and 55.0 x 40.59 mm (The Crown Princess). The sheet is in 83.33 x 125.0 mm format. The denomination is 6 kronor, for a domestic letter. Two stamps can be used for international letters.

 1976: Royal Wedding. King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia before their wedding that year. Photo: Lennart Nilsson. Engraver: Czeslaw Slania. Printing method: steel-plate. 

 Previous stamp issues featuring the Crown Princess

 1980: New Successor to the Throne. On the occasion of the new Act of Succession granting female descendants the right to inherit the throne, on 26th February 1980 Posten issued postage stamps in two different denominations. Crown Princess Victoria is featured together with her father King Carl XVI Gustaf. Photo: Claes Lewenhaupt. Engraver: Czeslaw Slania. Printing method: steel-plate.

 1986: King Carl XVI Gustaf's 40th birthday. One of the birthday commemoration postage stamps issued on 23rd April, 1986 depicts the Royal Family at their summer residence Of Solliden. The eight year-old Crown Princess Victoria is second from the right. The stamp was engraved by Czeslaw Slania from a photograph by Jan Collsiöö. The stamp was printed with a combination of steel-plate and offset.

 1993: 20th Anniversary of King Carl XVI Gustaf's reign. The entire Royal Family is portrayed between the Royal Palace in Stockholm in the foreground and Drottningholm Palace in the background. Victoria is 16 years old in this picture. The series from which this stamp is taken was issued on 2nd October, 1993. Designer: Ingalill Axelsson. Engraver: Czeslaw Slania. Print: combination steel-plate and offset.

 1996: King Carl XVI Gustaf's 50th birthday. This stamp, designed by Lars Sjööblom and engraved by Czeslaw Slania, features the entire Royal Family posing for photographer Toni Sica. Issue date for this birthday collection: 19th April, 1996. The 18 year-old Crown Princess Victoria is in the middle, flanked by her parents and siblings.

























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