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2007-09-03 12:00

Posten Logistik acquires logistics company in Finland

- and continues its Nordic growth

Wholly-owned Posten subsidiary Posten Logistik acquires Suomen Logistiikkatalo in Finland. This strengthens Posten's position within the Nordic region even further, and creates new opportunities for flows between the Nordic and Baltic regions and Russia.

The newly-acquired Finnish logistics company works in third-party logistics, and its customers deal in fast-moving consumer goods and spare parts. The new acquisition will make Posten Logistik one of the leading players within transport services and warehousing in Finland. 

"Through the acquisition of Suomen Logistiikkatalo, we can offer a powerful alternative within third-party logistics and warehousing in the Finnish market," says Henrik Höjsgaard, CEO of Posten Logistik. "It also means that we will strengthen our Nordic presence even further." 

More and more parcels and pallets are being sent internationally, and more and more companies require flexible, cross-border, cost-effective turnkey solutions. Through a strong presence in Finland, Posten Logistik is able to offer an expanded service and provide Nordic businesses with an excellent alternative in the Finnish market. 

 The acquisition of Suomen Logistiikkatalo in Finland strengthens Posten Logistik's position within the Nordic region, and creates new opportunities for flows between the Nordic and Baltic regions and Russia. Posten's Finnish operations are currently run through the subsidiaries DPD, HIT Finland and Sal-Trans. 

 Through its subsidiaries and the franchise network DPD, Posten Logistik already offers parcel, pallet and express services throughout the Nordic region. In 2007, Sweden's Posten also set up a delivery network in Norway under the MyPack brand. The new delivery network gives Posten Logistik a new, powerful way of delivering parcels to Norwegian consumers.  

Suomen Logistiikkatalo
-    Three locations in Finland, with a total of four sites: two in Åbo, one in Vantaa      
and one in Lahti
-    Employs around 100 people
-    Head office is in Vantaa
-    Has around 100 business customers
-    2006 turnover: approx. MSEK 110
-    Finland's largest independent third-party logistics company 

Posten Logistik
-    2006 turnover: SEK 7.6 billion; January - June 2007: SEK 4.1 billion
-    Number of employees: 5,900
-    Head office is in Solna
-    Companies within Posten Logistik:
-    DPD - Franchise network covering Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland
-    Hultberg Inrikes Transporter (HIT) - integrated turnkey solutions for all transport     
logistics, operating in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany and the      
-    Sal-Trans - transportation of pallets and spare parts in Finland
-    Posten Express PEX - express local, national and international transport  
-    Posten Sjukvårdslogistik - a wholesaler and third-party operator which develops and     
offers logistics and e-commerce, primarily for the public supply of goods
-    PCC - Posten Cargo Center - third-party logistics and warehousing 
-    Poståkeriet Sverige - Sweden's largest haulier with around 2,500 vehicles and 3,400      
-    Tollpost-Globe - domestic distribution of general cargo and consignments in Norway,     
and domestic and international parcel distribution
-    Our Swedish distribution network enables us to reach out to the whole of Sweden      
- every day, 52 weeks a year:
-    8 terminals
-    134 distribution points
-    1,600 mail deposit depots
-    1,800 collection points
-    380 business centres
-    2,500 trucks
-    2,350 rural delivery routes 

If you have any questions, please contact:
Markus Trautmann, press officer for Posten Logistik, tel.: +46 (0)8 781 74 33, e-mail: Posten Media Relations, tel.: +46 (0)8 23 10 10, e-mail:  

Posten allows you to deliver your messages and goods - quickly, securely and cost-effectively. We enable our customers to add value by combining physical and electronic flows where Posten's services can be integrated into our customers' operations. With over 4,000 service centres, we serve 4.5 million Swedish homes and 900,000 Swedish businesses every day. We deal with more than 20 million items of post every day. With some 30,000 employees and a turnover of almost SEK 30 billion, Posten is also one of Sweden's largest groups. Posten AB (publ) is a public limited company owned by the Swedish state. Visit us online at

Last Updated: 2007-09-03 12:00