How the corona virus is affecting our deliveries

Information is provided here about how deliveries are being affected by the ongoing spread of the corona virus. This page is regularly updated, based on the information available at the time of publishing.

Updated on December 9 at 11.30 am.

Pick up and drop off your parcels safely

  • Shorten the queues by avoiding rush hours between 3 and 6 pm. Please pick up your parcels as soon as you can.
  • Show consideration for others, keep your distance in the queue and avoid physical contact by using bank-id as identification in PostNord’s app.
  • Prepare your parcels at home. Pack it properly and pay the freight online or in the app before you drop it off at the service point.
  • Many online shops can offer home deliveries. Choose this alternative if you wish to avoid service points and physical shops. 
  • Ask someone to pick up your parcel for you. Identify yourself in PostNord’s app and send the barcode to your friends mobile.

Be patient and be on time. This is always good advice in peak season and especially during a pandemic. Should many people shop online at the same time as employees at PostNord and e-commerce businesses are forced to stay at home could this lead to delays in deliveries.

Letters and parcels to other countries

A number of countries have opened their borders to passenger traffic, but there are still restrictions in transport capacity throughout the world. This may lead to problems in transporting parcels and letters. In many countries there is also a shortage of transports within the country. A higher rate of staff on sick leave can also cause delays. Please note that this can lead to letters and parcels being delivered later than usual, even though they left Sweden on time.  

Different services are also effected differently, and may vary from different countries. At the moment it may be difficult to send something by PostNord MyPack Collect to Italy and Austria, due to close down of many servicepoints. International parcels with home delivery can still be sent. This may change on a short notice and PostNord will share the information when we have it.

PostNord can at present NOT accept mail consignments for transportation to these countries

Afghanistan (due to the situation in the country, not corona)
Saint Barthelemy
Saint Martin (French part)
Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Solomon Islands
Somalia (mail services available)
Sudan (due to the situation in the country, not corona)
Tobago and Trinidad
Wallis and Futuna

In many cases, the transport of letters and parcels may take longer than normal. You are also advised to check with the recipient before sending your consignment, to ensure that someone is actually there to receive deliveries. Many businesses may be closed due to restrictions.

From March 16, consignments destined for other countries that are handed in or posted will be stored at PostNord until it is possible to transport them.

There may also of course be delays from all countries, depending on which restrictions each individual country has introduced.

Confirmation of delivery receipts

PostNord in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway have decided not to request confirmation of receipt of consignments until further notice. The drivers themselves generate the delivery receipts.

Delivery to designated location

As of March 13, goods being delivered to care homes and homes for the elderly will be delivered to cargo bays or incoming goods areas, and not to possible designated locations that have previously been specified. This decision applies until further notice.