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The Stamp Year 2018

The stamp year 2018 includes jubilees, animals and nature. A mix for every taste and need.

Our designs all have something to say about Sweden, our history, and the things that are dear to us. We try to ensure that our various motifs, themes and denominations have the widest possible scope and appeal. Whether you’re sending a congratulatory card or a weightier letter, you should be able to find exactly what you need.

Among our themes for this year are our love of animals and the natural world, congratulations, and two institutions celebrating anniversaries that continue to be important to Sweden. The 2018 Stamp Year starts with Lighthouses and rounds off with Jenny Nyström's much-loved Christmas motifs.

All stamps are printed in offset at International Security Print.

January 4


Frimärke med motiv fyrar.

The Swedish lighthouse service was established in the 17th century but major expansion did not come until the second half of the 19th century. The lighthouses around our coast show evidence of evolving expertise and approaches to technology as well as the construction materials and design ideas of various ages.

The “Lighthouses” issue is an opportunity to learn about six of the lighthouses that line the Swedish coast from north to south. Each has its own distinctive features, reflecting the age in which it was built.

Booklet: 10 stamps, 5 motifs, Domestic letters 
Coil stamp: 100/coil, 1 motif, Domestic letters
Photography: Eddie Granlund/Folio (Örskär), Gustaf Emanuelsson/Folio (Falsterbo), Stefan Isacsson/Pix Gallery (När), Esbjörn Hillberg (Vinga) Dan Thunman (Pite-Rönnskär), Love Lannér/Folio (Långe Jan).
Design: Gustav Mårtensson
Colors: four-color
Paper: self-adhesive
Format: booklet stamps 26,5 x 36,6 mm, coil stamps 26,5 x 36,6 mm, souvenir sheet 26,8 x 36,5 mm

National Archives of Sweden 400 years

Frimärke för Riksarkivet 400 år.

Sweden has a long tradition of preserving its historical sources. Ever since October 16, 1618, when Chancellor Axel Oxenstierna drew up the Royal Chancery charter for Rijkzens Archivum, the Swedish National Archives have had ultimate responsibility for storing and protecting the country's historical sources. For genealogists and other researchers, the Archives are a real gold mine of documents such as population registers, church records and cadastral maps.

Minisheet: 3 stamps, 3 motifs, SEK 21
Photography: Emre Olgun/Riksarkivet
Design: Gustav Mårtensson
Colors: five-color
Paper: gummed
Format: sheet 130 x 70 mm, stamps: 26 x 40 mm

The Riksbank 350 years

Siffror och matematiska tecken som bildar motiv.

The world's oldest central bank, the Riksbank, was founded in 1668 to help ensure that Sweden has a thriving economy. It is also responsible for maintaining a secure and efficient payment system. Our design brings figures and mathematical signs together for stamps in SEK 10 and SEK 20 denominations, which will be suitable for letters over the standard weight or as an overseas supplement to our blue packages with prepaid postage.

Coil stamp: 100/coil, 1 motif, SEK 10        
Coil stamp: 100/coil, 1 motif, SEK 20
Design: Daniel Bjugård
Colors: three-color, varnish
Paper: self-adhesive
Format: 36,6 x 26,5 mm and 26,5 x 26,25 mm

May 3

Nature's larder

Frimärke med motiv växter.

Edible plants can be found right outside your door. Environmentally friendly, delicious and free – what could be better? Making the most of what nature has to offer has become popular again, and more and more people are treating the natural world in their local area them as their larder.  Spring and early summer bring lots of edible plants, many of them often seen as weeds.

The plants on the stamps are:

  1. Sweet violet, Garlic mustard
  2. Wild garlic, Lawn daisy
  3. Dandelion, Wych elm
  4. Common chickweed, Ground ivy
  5. Garden yellow rocket, Stinging nettle

Booklet: 10 stamps, 5 motifs, Domestic letters
Illustration: Nadia Nörbom
Design: Nadia Nörbom
Colors: four-color offset
Paper: self-adhesive
Format, booklet stamps: 26,5 x 26,25 mm

Fish in the Nordic countries

Frimärken med motiv fiskar.

There are many species of fish living along the lengthy Swedish coastline. Some of them are uncommon while others are abundant.
Many of them are fascinating, with surprising colors and shapes, and seem more suited to an aquarium or foreign countries than our own waters.

The coil stamp shows the relatively common Three-spined stickleback. The booklet features Cuckoo wrasse, Lumpfish, Two-spotted goby, Rock gunnel and Short-spined sea scorpion. One of these colorful stamps will cover postage for items of up to 50 g going anywhere in the world.

Booklet: 5 stamps, 5 motifs, SEK 21
Coil stamp: 100/coil, 1 motif, SEK 21
Photography: Anders Salesjö
Illustration: Lars Sjööblom
Design: Gustav Mårtensson
Colors: five-color offset (+ 1 color for Prioritaire in booklet)
Paper: self-adhesive
Format: booklet stamps 49,5 x 26,5 mm, coil stamps 36,6 x 26,5 mm

Ingmar Bergman centenary

Frimärke med motiv ifrån något av Ingmar Bergmans verk.

"World-famous filmmaker, theater director and outstanding writer." 2018 will see much activity in commemoration of the life of Ingmar Bergman, who probably has the greatest international reputation of all Swedish artists. Our designs depict a small part of his prolific output in film and theater. A world-famous image of Sweden going out on letters across the world.

Coil stamp: 100/coil, 2 motifs, SEK 21
 Persona/©1966 AB Svensk Filmindustri. Maria Stuart/Bengt Wanselius
Design: Eva Wilsson
Colors: five-color offset
Paper: self-adhesive
Format, coil stamps: 36,6 x 26,5 mm

Europe – Bridges

Frimärke med motiv Öresundsbron.

What better symbol of solidarity than a bridge? The Öresund bridge links Sweden and Denmark in the first instance, but it also marks the start of the connection by land to mainland Europe. The bridge has brought about an upturn for the entire region; more than 7 million vehicles cross it every year and about 15,000 rail travelers make use of it for their daily commute. 

Minisheet: 2 stamps, 2 motifs, SEK 21
Photography stamps:
Photography minisheet: Ritzau/Scanpix
Design: Bertil Skov Jørgensen
Graphic form: Ella Clausen
Colors: four-color offset
Paper: gummed
Format: sheet 130 x 70 mm, stamps: 35 x 35 mm

August 23

The Swedish flag

Frimärke med motiv svenska flaggan.

We have produced a new motif featuring the Swedish flag at the request of customers. In addition to the general flagdays, such as election days, certain holidays and royal birthdays, we can fly our own flag whenever we like. Perhaps for someone's birthday, or just because the sun is shining? A flag is nearly always a good choice for a letter, and is particularly suitable if you have something to celebrate or someone to congratulate.

Coil stamp: 100/coil, 1 motif, Domestic letters
Photography: Freddy Eliasson/Pixgallery
Design: Gustav Mårtensson
Colors: Four-color offset
Paper: Self-adhesive
Format, coil stamps: 36.6 mm x 26.5 mm
Format, stamp in souvenir sheet: 36.5 x 26.8 mm

Good luck!

Frimärke med motiv färglada illustrationer.

There are many occasions when we want to congratulate someone or wish them "Good luck!" – exams, birthdays, a new job, a wedding or the birth of a baby. These days we often use symbols instead of words to express a feeling or convey a message. And we think that works just as well on stamps! Enhance your written words with a symbol that says "Good luck!" or "Congratulations!".

Booklet: 10 stamps, 5 motifs, Domestic letters
Illustration: Cajsa Wessberg
Design: Cajsa Wessberg
Colors: Four-color offset
Paper: Self-adhesive
Format, booklet stamps: 26.25 x 26.5 mm

Animals of the forest

Frimärken med motiv skogens djur.

Our forests are dear to many of us. Many of the requests for new motifs sent to PostNord relate to animals and the natural world. Now, a range of forest animals are putting in an appearance on our new stamps that come in denominations of SEK 1, SEK 2 and SEK 50. You can use them to make up the correct postage if you still have stamps in old denominations and on international letters over the standard weight, or as an overseas supplement on our blue packaging with prepaid postage.

Coil stamp: 100/coil, 1 motif, SEK 1 
Coil stamp: 100/coil, 1 motif, SEK 2
Coil stamp: 100/coil, 1 motif, SEK 50
Photography: Göran Ekström
Design: Gustav Mårtensson
Colors: Four-color offset, five-color offset on Bear SEK 50
Paper: Self-adhesive
Format, coil stamps: SEK 1: 26.5 x 26.25 mm
Format, coil stamps: SEK 2: 36.6 mm x 26.5 mm

November 1

Christmas – Jenny Nyström

Frimärken med julmotiv av Jenny Nyström.

A nostalgic Christmas with classic Christmas gnomes rushing around busily in the festive season. Jenny Nyström's much-loved pictures remind us of Christmases past, which Swedes like to picture with snow, presents and traditional rice pudding. Sending Christmas cards is a fine old tradition worth preserving, a way just to say "Thinking of you".

Booklet: 10 stamps, 5 motifs, Christmas letters
Coil stamp: 100/coil, 1 motif, Domestic letters

Winter birds

Frimärken med vinterfåglar.

The birds that visit our bird tables in the winter are always welcome guests. They all have their own special characteristics and favorite food. Waxwings like apples, while finches and tits prefer seeds or suet. Tits will take a seed and fly away, while finches will get themselves comfortable and eat one hempseed or sunflower seed after the other. These are stamps you will want to use all winter long.

The birds on the stamps are Waxwing, Bullfinch, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, European Robin, Blue tit and Tree sparrow.

Booklet: 10 stamps, 10 motifs, Domestic letters