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The Stamp Year 2015

2015 has motives that inspire both to writing and collecting.

This year we will show everything from Swedish stars on stage and the movie screen to toy nostalgia and the fascinating Viking Age. Nature and environment are stamp themes that re-appear yearly, thus 2015 as well.

January 15

King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia

Kung Carl Gustaf och drottning Silvia 2015


As you know, king Carl XVI Gustaf's motto is "For Sweden – With the Times". The dialogue between the Swedish Court and PostNord about the design of the new stamps resulted in design and coloring that follows the King's motto in an exciting and innovative way.

King Carl Gustaf: Coil with 100 self-adhesive stamps. 1 motif. Domestic letter.
Queen Silvia: Coil with 100 self-adhesive stamps. 1 motif. SEK 14.

Prince Eugen 150 Years

Prins Eugen 150 år
Prince Eugen was born in 1865 as the fourth son of King Oscar II and Queen Sophia. In 1887 he went to Paris to train as an artist. Prince Eugen was one of his era's foremost landscape painters, and here are five of his works.

Booklet: 5 self-adhesive stamps. 5 motifs. SEK 14.

Swedish Pop Export

Svensk popexport

The Swedish musical wonder. This phenomenon started forty years ago when ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest. Sweden is today one of the three leading nations for the production of pop music. These five stamps feature six prominent Swedish musicians; Robyn, Max Martin, Avicii, First Aid Kit and Seynabo Sey.

Booklet: 10 self-adhesive stamps. 5 motifs. Domestic letter.

March 26

Beloved Toys

Älskade leksaker

The theme for this year's EUROPA stamps are toys. The "Beloved Toys" stamps do not only represent an opportunity for stamp collectors and toy collectors to cross over into new areas. The stamps, and the entire minisheet, are also a ticket for a trip down memory lane to revisit toys from long ago. Toys that once upon a time were merely toys but that today have been transformed into collector's items and, in some cases, investment opportunities.

Minisheet: 2 stamps. 2 motifs. SEK 14.



This year's spring stamps for all congratulations, invitations and greetings tell the story of the bees. Honey and bee wax may be important, but much more important is the role bees play in the fertilization of plants. They transport pollen from flower to flower. Without the work of the bees, insect-pollinating plants would not be able to grow fruit and seeds.

Booklet: 10 self-adhesive stamps. 5 motifs. Domestic letter.
Coil: 2 self-adhesive stamps. 2 motifs, 100/coil. Second Class.

The late Iron Age - The age of the Vikings

Yngre järnålder - Vikingatid

The interest in History is great in our country. History themes on stamps are therefore a common request from our customers. The age of the Vikings is one of the most requested themes. It is a time in our history that never ceases to fascinate, and new discovers that cast new light on the epoch are made constantly.

Booklet: 10 self-adhesive stamps. 5 motifs. Domestic letter.

May 7

Charity Stamp 2015 - World Wildlife Fund WWF

Välgörenhetsfrimärke 2015 - Världsnaturfonden WWF

Since 2011, we issue charity stamps where one SEK per stamp goes to an organization working for a better world. This is the first time PostNord has issued the charity stamp jointly in both Sweden and Denmark. The proceeds for the year go to the World Wildlife Fund and its environmental work to create sustainable cities. Purchasing a booklet is a simple way to make a small contribution for a better world.

Booklet: 10 self-adhesive stamps. 2 motifs. Domestic letter.



Who doesn't want a party invitation or greeting with a beautiful flower? Letters and cards are perceived as more personal and give the feeling of a greater commitment from the sender. Beautiful art photos of various magnolias will be the icing on the cake for many of this summer's greetings.

Booklet: 10 self-adhesive stamps. 5 motif. Domestic letter.
Coil: 1 self-adhesive stamp. 1 motif, 100/coil. Domestic letter.

Farmhouses of Hälsingland


A World Heritage Site - appointed by the UN body UNESCO - is an environment that is considered to have great importance for all humanity. Through the years, UNESCO has designated a number of World Heritage sites in Sweden, last Hälsingland farms that received the award in 2012. We have chosen to show five farms that represent this unique cultural heritage. The denominations are useful for different kinds of items, and will help to facilitate the expanding Internet trade.

Coil: 5 coils with 100 self-adhesive stamps and 1 motif and denomination on each coil. Denominations: SEK 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20.

August 20

A Hollywood legend

Ingrid Bergman 100 år

Ingrid Bergman was born a 100 years ago this year. The American Film Institute ranks her as the fourth largest star of all time in American movies. Among many awards are three Oscars. Ingrid Bergman is probably best known from the role as Ilsa Lund in "Casablanca" from 1942 which she starred with Humphrey Bogart.

Coil: 2 self-adhesive stamps. 2 motifs, 100/coil.

Yummy mushrooms


Mushrooms are synonymous with fall. It is the best time to pick chanterelles, weeping milk cap and porcini to name a few. Yummy on the dinner table! Mushroom picking combine the pursuit of finding goodies for dinner with both nature experiences and exercise. Light up the autumn darkness with a greeting decorated with the gold of the forest.

November 12

Iron meets silver

Järn möter silver

One of the recurring themes on Swedish stamps is design. This time the stamps are depicting objects designed by contemporary iron- and silversmiths, among them Erik Tidäng who designed the subject bracelet Bälta. He likes to experiment with different materials and has tested both iron and silver. "Iron has a different surface and texture than silver. I also tried combining silver and iron in a single item", he says.

Booklet: 5 self-adhesive stamps. 5 motifs. SEK14.

Winter trees


When Christmas is over many people wish to see winter motifs on stamps. This is a booklet with snowy and frosty trees. The denomination is Domestic letter and with two stamps a 50 gram letter can reach the entire world.

Booklet: 10 self-adhesive stamps. 5 motifs. Domestic letters.

Christmas stars


Star shapes are common during Christmas, as a light in the window, a gingerbread cookie or a Christmas Tree decoration. A star lights up the winter darkness, as do millions of Christmas greetings that we send to each other. Booklet: 10 self-adhesive stamps. 5 motifs. Christmas letters.

Coil: 10 self-adhesive stamps. 5 motifs. Christmas letters.
Booklet: 1 self-adhesive stamp. 1 motif, 100/coil. Domestic letters.