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Suggest stamp motif

Do you have a great idea for a stamp design? Why don’t you send it to us? Find information about how you do that here.

Swedish stamps – a cultural mirror

Swedish stamps should illustrate aspects of Swedish nature, culture, sports, business, current affairs, phenomena and both historical and contemporary personalities. Motifs should have a good geographic spread throughout the country, address popular themes and use timeless design.

Leave your suggestion and motivate why your idea is good.

Your suggestion is put before the PostNord Stamp Advisory Committee, which is made up of experienced and specially-selected representatives for culture, business and the community. The decision-making process itself takes a few months from the date your suggestion is received. Therefore it may take a while before you get a reply to your idea.

Your suggestion will be looked at and you will be notified about what decision has been made about your idea. Use the form on the next page or send your suggestion to:

PostNord Frimärken, SE-105 00 Stockholm. Mark the envelope "Stamp suggestion".

Send your suggestion