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Stamp facts

Swedish stamps show Swedish nature, culture, sports, business, current events, as well as phenomena and personalities from history and the present. The motives have a wide geographical spread across the country, beloved themes and a modern design.

Match the stamp design with the purpose of your greeting

With a stamp for SEK 11 you can easily and conveniently send a greeting anywhere in the country. To get something personal in your mailbox is appreciated, especially since a large part of our communication is done digitally. Being able to add a matching stamp to the greeting feels a bit like icing on the cake.

There are many different designs to choose from for different needs. Please take a look in the e-shop or follow @svenskafrimarken on Instagram for tips and inspiration.

Stamp denominations are like cash

The idea behind the different denominations is the same as for money. There are stamps with denominations from 50 öre up to SEK 100. Therefore, it is no problem to pick up stamps for all types of shipments, lightweight cards as well as heavy letters.

It is no coincidence that a booklet of domestic stamps contains ten

For the lightest shipment one stamp is sufficient. Add stamps for each weight limit, and for the heaviest shipment you use all ten. If you buy a booklet of domestic stamps it suffices whatever type of domestic shipment you want to send.

Stamps in the denominations Domestic letter is valid regardless of future postage rate increases.

A stamp is born

Every stamp is the result of a carefully considered process, which can take several years from concept to finished product. A whole host of people contribute their knowledge and skills, including artists, designers, project managers and printers.

People who are experts in the field that will gradually become the subject of the motif itself also make an extremely valuable contribution. But the initial choice about the subject of a stamp is made by PostNord's Stamp Advisory Committee, which sifts through all the suggestions put forward by the Swedish people.

Suggestions and requests

Because the needs of corporate customers, private customers and collectors are so radically different, it is necessary to strike a good balance in the range of stamps that are issued. The people and organizations making suggestions for stamp designs are always put at the heart of the process, with the members of PostNord's Stamp Advisory Committee making the final decision about which suggestions make their way onto a stamp. The marketing department then tries to find a mix that will stand the test of time.

Follow @svenskafrimarken on Instagram for tips and inspiration.