Commemorative postmarks 2021

Here we collect all commemorative postmarks from 2021.

We will update with more postmarks during the year, as they are getting ordered.

Minnespoststämpel Ölands skördefest 2021

Ölands skördefest

Arrangement: Ölands Skördefest
Organizer: Ölands Skördefest
Motif: Pumpa
Date: 29/9 – 3/10

Minnespoststämpel Slaniasamfundets 40-årsjubileum 2021

Slaniasamfundets 40-årsjubileum

Arrangement: Slaniasamfundets 40-årsjubileum
Organizer: Slaniasamfundet
Motif: Stickel
Date: 22/10 – 31/12

Minnespoststämpel Eslövia 2021


Arrangement: Eslövia
Organizer: Eslövs Frimärks och vykortsklubb
Motif: Bladkrans
Date: 5–7 november

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