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About stamps

Collect stamps

Here you will find a whole host of creative tips and ideas about how you can collect stamps and stamp products.


Do you want an enjoyable hobby that broadens the mind? Start collecting stamps! You'll learn something new and acquire a whole host of friends who share your passion.

Different ways to collect

  • By country – Collect stamps from a particular country in chronological order.
  • By motif – Separate stamps by subject area or theme, e.g. automobiles.
  • Booklets – Stamps are available in coils or booklets. Many people just collect booklets that are stamps with a "cover".
  • FDC – First Day Covers, i.e., items stamped with the postmark of the date of issue.
  • Special collection – Specialize in a limited section of a country's stamps.
  • Open collection – Collect stamps focusing on a particular subject, augmenting the collection with things such as tickets, postcards and keychains.
  • Postmark collecting – This may include place stamps, first day stamps, commemorative stamps or machine-franked stamps.


During the year we organize a series of events that are open to the public. On the website of the Swedish Philatelic Federation you will find the events in your neighborhood.

Stamp news

Every time we publish new stamp issues, we send a newsletter by mail.

Read the latest newsletter, April 2024 (pdf)

Read earlier newsletters

Januari 2024 (pdf)
November 2023 (pdf)
Augusti 2023 (pdf)
April 2023 (pdf)

Cancellation service

PostNord and Sveriges Filatelistförbund (SFF) have agreed that the collector who wants to have stamps cancelled can contact to the local clubs. The cancellation is complimentary. Read more at (There is an English part just below the information in Swedish.)

Read more about the agreement

Museums and foreign mail organizations

Denmark stamps


P&T Museum in Denmark

Stamp issue April 2022, Sweden's national flower

Buy stamps online

Buy stamps and collectors' items in our online shop.

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Frimärken från utgåva Sensommarblommor, augusti 2021.

Collect stamps

Here you will find a whole host of creative tips and ideas about how you can collect stamps and stamp products.

More about collecting stamps

Stamp facts

Stamp facts

Find facts about stamp designs, the ideas behind different denominations, about booklets and coils, domestic and international stamps, and how stamps are made.

More about stamp facts

Stamp issue April 2022, Sweden's national flower

Subscribe to stamps

A subscription is perhaps the simplest way to collect stamps. By subscribing, the latest issues will arrive in your mailbox and you never have to worry about missing an issue.

Subscribe to stamps

The Stamp Year 2024

New year, new stamps. We hope that the themes and motifs we have planned will make it even more fun for you to send your greetings and letters and to add to your collection of attractive designs.

Read more about stamps for 2024

Frimärken från utgåva Sensommarblommor, augusti 2021.

Suggest a stamp idea

Do you have a great idea for a stamp design? Why don’t you send it to us? Find information about how you do that here.

Suggest a stamp motif

Contact us

If you want to know more or have questions, you can always contact us via email or phone.