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About stamps

With a stamp for SEK 13 you can easily and conveniently send a greeting anywhere within the country. With two stamps you will reach the entire world.

To get something personal in your mailbox is appreciated, especially since a large part of our communication is done digitally. Being able to add a matching stamp to the greeting feels a bit like icing on the cake. There are many different designs to choose from for different needs.

Please take a look in the e-shop or follow @svenskafrimarken on Instagram for tips and inspiration. All of this years stamp issues will be published at Stamp Year 2022.

Stamps with dogs.

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Frimärken från utgåva Sensommarblommor, augusti 2021.

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Here you will find a whole host of creative tips and ideas about how you can collect stamps and stamp products.

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Stamp facts

Två frimärken från utgåvor under 2021.

The Stamp Year 2022

New year, new stamps. We hope that the themes and motifs we have planned will make it even more fun for you to send your greetings and letters and to add to your collection of attractive designs.

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Frimärken från utgåva Sensommarblommor, augusti 2021.

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Do you have a great idea for a stamp design? Why don’t you send it to us? Find information about how you do that here.

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Frimärken från utgåva Sensommarblommor, augusti 2021.

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A subscription is perhaps the simplest way to collect stamps. By subscribing, the latest issues will arrive in your mailbox and you never have to worry about missing an issue.

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