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Postage rates for domestic mail

This page only presents the most essential terms of service. For more detailed information, see the description of each service and PostNord’s General Terms and Conditions.

All prices are valid from April 1, 2017, and are exempt from VAT unless otherwise stated. The prices below apply to direct-payment customers.
For more services and prices, see price lists for direct-payment customers.

First Class Mail

Max. weight in gramsPriceNumber of non-denominated stamps
50SEK 71
100SEK 142
250SEK 284
500SEK 426
1 000SEK 568
2 000SEK 7010

First Class Mail is distributed the first business day (Monday-Friday) after the day of drop-off.

Registered Mail

When you need to send mail containing important goods or documents. You receive a receipt and the Registered item is signed by the recipient.

You can Track and trace Registrered Mail within Sweden.

The notification is delivered the first day (Monday-Friday) after the day of drop-off. (There are exceptions to this delivery time).

Max. weight in gramsFranking with stamps*Price via Skicka Direkt**
50SEK 77SEK 64
100SEK 84SEK 71
250SEK 98SEK 85
500SEK 112SEK 99
1 000SEK 126SEK 113
2 000SEK 140SEK 127

*Additional cost included in price is SEK 70.
**Additional cost included in price is SEK 57.

Economy Mail (marked with “B”)

Max. weight in gramsPriceNumber of non-denominated stamps
50SEK 71
100SEK 14
250SEK 28
500SEK 42
1 000SEK 56
2 000SEK 70

Economy Mail is distributed no more than three business days (Monday–Friday) after the day of drop-off.

Smallest dimensions

90 x 140 mm
Length = 100 mm
Length + double diameter = 170 mm

Largest dimensions

Length = 600 mm
Length + width + thickness = 900 mm
Length = 900 mm
Length + double diameter = 1040 mm

Bulky item surcharge

SEK 14, or use two non-denominated stamps intended for First Class Mail. Does not apply to Registered Mail, Valuables, Epress and Cash on Delivery.

Mail items or tubes with a thickness/diameter greater than 30 mm, or a short-side greater than 250 mm, are considered bulky.

Brev Skicka Lätt

Trackable mail service for objects, goods and documents weighing up to 2 kg.

WeightPriceMaximum measurements
Up to 1 kgSEK 53L + W+ H 90 cm
Up to 2 kgSEK 89L + W+ H 90 cm

Your mail item may be at most 60 cm long

Purchase Skicka Lätt in Skicka Direkt (Swedish only). Print a shipping label, affix it to the mail item and drop it off at a postal agent. The service can be tracked. Skicka Lätt provides you with drop-off and delivery confirmations, as well as SMS notification. The service is not an additional service to another service. In addition, it is not possible to buy any additional services for this service.

Brev Skicka Lätt is distributed the first business day (Monday-Friday) after the day of drop-off.

Additional services for First Class Mail


Delivery the following business day Monday-Friday no later than 10 am. At you can track Express within Sweden.

If shipping label was purchased via Skicka Direkt, SEK 153 incl. 25% VAT + postage.

Purchase by service point, SEK 165 incl. 25% VAT + postage.

Express may not contain means of payment and can not be posted on the mailbox.