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Collect stamps

Here you will find a whole host of creative tips and ideas about how you can collect stamps and stamp products.


Do you want an enjoyable hobby that broadens the mind? Start collecting stamps! You'll learn something new and acquire a whole host of friends who share your passion.

Different ways to collect

  • By country - Collect stamps from a particular country in chronological order.
  • By motif - Separate stamps by subject area or theme, e.g. automobiles.
  • Booklets - Stamps are available in coils or booklets. Many people just collect booklets that are stamps with a "cover".
  • FDC - First Day Covers, i.e., items stamped with the postmark of the date of issue.
  • Special collection - Specialize in a limited section of a country's stamps.
  • Open collection - Collect stamps focusing on a particular subject, augmenting the collection with things such as tickets, postcards and keychains.
  • Postmark collecting - This may include place stamps, first day stamps, commemorative stamps or machine-franked stamps.


During the year we organize a series of events that are open to the public. On the website of the Swedish Philatelic Federation you will find the events in your neighborhood.

Stamp fairs and exhibitions

Around the world different Stamp fairs and exhibitions are taking place in which we participate.

Stamp news in Bulletin

The Bulletin with information about new stamp issues is published five times a year.

All customers who buy stamps or stamp products for a minimum of SEK 240 a year, or have at least one subscription, receive it free of charge.

Download Bulletin

Bulletin #1 2017

Bulletin #5 2016
Bulletin #4 2016
Bulletin #3 2016
Bulletin #2 2016
Bulletin #1 2016

Stamp clubs and organizations

Sveriges Filatelistförbund, SFF
Sveriges Frimärksungdom, SFU
Skillingtrycket Svensk Filateli
Göteborgs Filatelistförening
SFU Stockholm
Dansk Filatelist Forbund
Scandinavian Collectors Club
Posthistoriska nätverket

Magazines and information pages

Top of the World of Stamps
Filatelisten, Svensk Filatelistisk Tidskrift
Nordisk Filateli


Safe Album AB
Chr. Winther-Sörensen AB

Foreign Mail organizations



P&T- Museet i Danmark